Mom Life

Something about the winter

I saw this picture on tumblr. It made me feel warm, even though you are staring at snow. This picture reminds me of my younger days, when the only thing that mattered was if school was going to be out or not, and if Mom and Dad were going to get those roller blades I… Continue reading Something about the winter


Thursday Workout

Restless all day. Well at least that what I was like yesterday. Rest day yesterday and I felt like I needed to do something. I know my body needed the rest but I felt like I needed to move. I walked around the house and did some cleaning. I rather be lifting weights. I’m finding… Continue reading Thursday Workout


Star Trek Beyond – A movie must see

You start hearing this line all the time : “Have you seen ______” Fill in blank with the most awesome new movie that recently came out. To a parent- more than likely the answer will be “No.” Will and I love watching movies, and since Xander has been born – we usually don’t get to… Continue reading Star Trek Beyond – A movie must see


Crawling Away

Xander is mobile. Very very mobile! He’s getting into things, our blue ray DVD rack, and especially the Xbox underneath our entertainment center.  He wants to talk – every time I speak to him, he moves his mouth with noise coming out. He seems to understand more things when I’m speaking to him, looking directly… Continue reading Crawling Away


Tuesday Workout

We’re addicted to a Netflix show right now I know…it’s almost evil when you’re addicted to a show and ALL the episodes are there. Has anyone seen Making a Murderer? Will and I got so caught up in it…that we stayed up TOO late last night watching it. Xander went to bed – so Will… Continue reading Tuesday Workout